Jamshedpur FC's coaches workshop ends on a high note as over 60 kids take part in the grassroots football fes

Jamshedpur Football Club today concluded the Grassroots Leaders' workshop. The workshop was an open session for anyone above the age of 18 was conducted between February 26th - 28th.

The workshop was held at Tribal Culture Centre and was integrated with a Grassroots festival saw more than a 60 kids from KSMS and Loyola school from ages 6 to 11 took part in the last day of football festival.

Having concluded the festival, the certificates were handed to the 32 participanting coaches by the dignitaries.

Kundan Chandra, the Head of Grassroots & Youth Development, Jamshedpur FC shared his thoughts about the workshop.

He said, "Grassroots Leaders workshop is something which helps every coach train the kids both physically and mentally. It's a key aspect of any sport and very important for each coach to learn that. I'm sure these coaches will be better than they were before being a part of this program and I wish them well."

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