The squad switches jersey numbers ahead of Season 2021-22


The Hero Indian Super League will kick off with yet another thrilling season soon and the lads of Jamshedpur FC have begun assembling in Goa to start their pre-season with the complete squad and staff.

Along with some new additions and changes to the line-up, the club has also made some changes in the kit number arrangements. With some of the numbers available to be taken, a few of the Men of Steel decided to change things up a little this season.

With the option to switch to the new kit numbers, 5 players from the squad picked new numbers that they will wear on their back going forward.

 Here are the members with their updated kit numbers

Alex Lima 7 > 14

Jitendra Singh 33 > 3

Farukh Choudhary 77 > 17

Ricky Lallawmawma 16 > 6

Len Doungel 18 > 7

When asked about what made them switch to new kit numbers, the Men of Steel had some interesting reasons to share:

Brazilian midfielder, Alex Lima, talked about how number 14 has always been lucky for him. "I have played with number 14 around the globe whenever it was possible. This year, the opportunity arose to play with 14 at Jamshedpur FC and I’m very happy about that. The number has always brought me good luck."

Jitendra Singh believes number 3 has a lucky charm to it and has always preferred to play wearing it. "I am happy that I was given my preferred kit number ahead of the season. Number 3 is lucky for me! It’s the number that I like to play with on my back, and since it was available, I asked for it."

Farukh has chosen to not reveal the secret behind number 17 to continue the intrigue and unpredictability around it. "Well, some things should remain a secret and I would like to keep this a secret to keep my unpredictability quotient up."

Ricky’ Lallawmawma’s love for football and his wife is unmatched and shares an interesting anecdote behind choosing number 6. “My wife chose my jersey number for me when I started to play professionally. She chose jersey number 6, so when I was told it was available this season, I didn't think twice.”

Len made a memorable impact last season as number 18. Now that he gets to don his favourite number 7, one can only imagine what magic he is about to bring this season. “7 is my favourite number. I was told it was available this season as Alex was taking 14 and I could not resist the opportunity. It's a forward's number and there have been so many amazing players who have donned that number. Even my football loving friends wanted me to have it.”

Armed with new kit numbers and a giant pot of luck and confidence, the team is excited to kick-start the season and battle for the top spots of the Hero Indian Super League.


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