Football Schools

Since its inception Jamshedpur Football Club has made a commitment to develop football in the local region. Whether it be promoting grassroots football or establishing football schools, the goal has always remained the same which is to promote football in the community and bring forward local talent by establishing a strong foundation.

The reasoning behind opening football schools is that they play a vital role in the local community. Not only do they teach the children to live a healthy lifestyle, they also help develop an individual’s sporting talents, ultimately bringing people from the local community together. Apart from that, football gives countless youngsters and adults a chance to have fun and at the same, learn the values of teamwork and discipline.

By initiating young kids into football at a young age, it is helpful to their development as a professional as they begin to develop their game sense and start understanding the intricacies of football. Thus, as they grow and develop, so does their knowledge of the game, keeping them a step ahead of those who join the sport at a latter age.

A brief look at the football schools established by
Jamshedpur FC in the vicinity


Mt. Litera Zee School

Jamshedpur FC’s first step in this endeavor was launching their first football school in collaboration with Mt. Litera Zee School on 18th August as a part of their grassroots program. The training center would cater to kids of the age groups U5, U8, U10 and U12 and was a landmark moment for the club.

Kerala Samajam Model School

In quick succession, Jamshedpur FC opened their second football school in association with Kerala Samajam Model School on 2nd November. The Football School at KSMS (Kerala Samajam Model School) drew a tremendous response from the school kids as the registration day on October 27th saw over 100 participants registering for admission in the School. The kids had a ball on the field as the coaches and volunteers gave footballing lessons to the ever-attentive children.


RVS Academy

The third and certainly not the last football school which was opened by Jamshedpur FC this year was in collaboration with RVS Academy in Mango on 16th November. The programme included kids belonging to the age groups of U8 and U11. A total number of forty-four kids took part in the inauguration of the football school and were supervised by two professional grassroots coaches. Special thanks go out to the members from the Red Miners who volunteered and made the club's initiative a grand success.

The club aims to kick-start more football schools in the coming months.

How to join any of our football schools:

For the participants who are interested in joining these football academies, they should contact the teachers at each of the respective schools. There will be two fees involved which are broken down as follows:

  1. Coaching Fee = ₹350 + 18% GST per month
  2. One-Time Kit and Registration Fee = ₹1000 + 18% GST per year.