What is grassroots football?

  • Attract young players (3+ boys & girls) to the sport; allow access to football in a child’s own environment.

  • Football for all; irrespective of caste, creed and gender

  • Development before winning

  • Football is FUN: Create an enjoyable experience for kids

  • Small sided games and age specific activities

  • Football can be played anywhere, everywhere

  • Football is the best teacher, teaches the values of life

Benefits of grassroots football?

  • Ability to connect, engage and mobilise the entire football community

  • To work on actual development in Grassroots & Youth – Tangible results

  • To foster the value and positive characteristics amongst the youth of jamshedpur through football

  • To set up top quality football coaching centers which are affordable for children from all sections of society

  • Create future football superstars from jamshedpur for India

  • To have the strongest grassroots and youth football system in the country

Player Pathway