Aniket and Mobashir on the new coaching style, new squad and ISL


In a recent media interview, Aniket Jadhav (Forward) and Mobashir Rahman (Midfielder) spoke about the difference in team performance with the new coach, fitness levels of the players and the improvements made in the team and more.

This is the 4th year of JFC in ISL, and with a new coach every year, what do you think is different in the team?

Aniket & Mobashir: Yes, there are specific differences with new coaches leading the team. Every coach has their own style of play, tactics and pace of the game which they would prefer their team to follow. The Spanish players are more inclined in keeping the ball possession, rather than attacking and increasing the pace of the match. Owen Coyle also prefers the same style but he prefers to make the players play more of direct football. There is a lot of difference in the style of the new coach and the previous coaches, and that difference in style will be evident in our games this season.


Before the Bio-bubble, you were quarantined in Goa, so how did you spend your time indoors?

Mobashir: The first few days were quite difficult for all of us. Everyone in the team used video calls to communicate and play games and watch movies together to pass time.


About the exercises given by the coach to be performed in the rooms

Aniket & Mobashir:  The coach had provided all the players with a set of workouts and exercises that we were strictly told to perform in the rooms, so we all followed the routine and performed the workouts everyday to stay active. There were no difficulties or issues with the exercise routine as such. Even though we were accustomed to train and workout on the pitch, we had to abide by the guidelines provided to us for our safety and others as well. So, we trained for nearly 10 days within the four walls of our rooms and got comfortable with training indoors as we tried to stay as fit as possible for the upcoming training sessions.


Do you feel any difference while training with the new foreign players?

Aniket: No, nothing as such. We are training and practicing together on a daily basis and we are trying to build a stronger chemistry and connection among the players, as we train with them. Since they have played for higher leagues and better clubs, we get to learn and study tons of new and different aspects and tactics of the game from them. They are very experienced players and we could definitely acquire a lot of knowledge and skills from their level of expertise.


About the differences felt playing under the guidance of both coaches, Antonio last season and Owen Coyle this season.

Aniket: Honestly, both the coaches have very different styles and set of tactics when it comes to coaching. Owen Coyle being an English coach, prefers a very direct style of attack and passing as compared to the other coaches. Yes, I do feel there has been a significant improvement in the team with Owen Coyle as our coach and the players are getting faster and stronger, at the end of every training day.


Have the players adjusted well with Owen Coyle’s style of coaching?

Mobashir: Yes absolutely! The coach has been steadily implementing his style of coaching, his ideas and pace of the game into the team players as the training sessions go by.  Every player has been assigned specific positions and a different formation has been formulated for this season. That is what we have been practicing and following in the practice matches to get accustomed to the new style, and build a stronger chemistry along with a number of team building exercises.


About the matches being held in closed doors setting and absence of supporters in the stadium.

Aniket & Mobashir: It is always a pleasure playing with the fans present in the stadium. It is a totally different vibe and there is a really positive feeling when the fans are supporting you while the match is on. But obviously, with the ongoing pandemic, the fans are very important to us and their safety is of the highest priority. Hence, all the matches will be played within closed doors and the moral support that the fans provide will be absent this season, which is a little disheartening. We will surely miss them.


About the effectiveness of the training sessions and practice matches

Mobashir: The training sessions have really been very effective and helpful. They have made quite an impact on our fitness. In the past 6-7 months, we were not able to do any sort of training or stay physically active since we were asked to be at home. The past 2 training sessions were fully dedicated to getting us back on our feet and restore our physical fitness and agility. We feel much more agile and healthy now and we will be fully prepared for the season in the next few days.


Do you think the team is stronger this season, as compared to the last season?

Aniket: Yes, absolutely! With the new additions to the team, we certainly feel that we are a much stronger side this season as compared to the last. Valskis was the top goal-scorer last season and having him in the team definitely gives us a boost this season. The other players have also been in real good form in the past season and together with hard-work along with following our coach’s instructions and advice, we are feeling stronger and confident as a team.


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