Club Statement

We acknowledge the incident regarding the fielding of an ineligible player by Jamshedpur FC in the 87th minute of the match against MCFC on 8th March 2024.

Jamshedpur FC always takes the league rules and regulations seriously. Though unintentional, the unfortunate incident is regretful and has adversely impacted the club.

We wish to express our sincere apologies to the fans, players, and well wishers of Jamshedpur Football Club and take full responsibility for the same. It was a genuine mistake on the part of the personnel involved and not an intentional act committed with a motive to gain any wrongful advantage towards the closing minutes of the game. It happened as a human error in the midst of a red card followed by subsequent incidents and is deeply regretful.

We now look to work hard with renewed vigour towards achieving positive results in the upcoming games of the ISL, with the support of our fans, in our endeavour towards playoff qualification.

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