First interview with Aussie forward Jordan Murray


Jamshedpur FC completed the signing of Australian forward and former Kerala Blaster FC star player, Jordan Murray, sealing the deal with him till 2022.

While Owen Coyle is ecstatic about the adding more power to the team’s attacking line-up, the Aussie forward is equally thrilled about the starting this new journey, especially under the Gaffer’s guidance.

Here are the excerpts from his first ever interview with Jamshedpur FC:


How does it feel to sign for Jamshedpur FC?

Hey, thanks for having me here. I am very excited and for me, staying in the ISL was a big part of my plan to develop as a player and there’s much progress to be made in the league. I am very excited to be a Jamshedpur player and give my everything in the upcoming season.


How does it feel to have so many Jamshedpur FC fans supporting you?

It is actually amazing and I had quite a lot of messages from the Jamshedpur fans and Indian fans in general who love watching the Indian Super League. I received lots of love from them and it is really great to have fans who want you to stay in the league, asking you to join their favourite team. But, like I said I am very excited to be a Jamshedpur player, play in front of all the fans and I am sure we could really do well in the upcoming season after giving our best to achieve the success that the club needs.


How did your move to Jamshedpur FC happen? When did you first hear about the club’s interest in signing you into the club and what was the conversation that you had with Owen Coyle and Mukul Choudhari?

Yeah, I heard about the offer right after the previous season ended and I had an interesting conversation with Owen about his interest in signing me to Jamshedpur FC. He is a big part of my move to the club as the amount of experience he possesses from the English Premier League, the American league and the ISL as well is like a big bonus; I am really excited to develop my game by learning from him as well as the existing players in the club. It is really good for competitive spots as well with a really strong team and I am very much looking forward to that happening. I had a chat with Owen Coyle and he was really keen to get me on board which I think really cemented my move to Jamshedpur. Mukul Choudhari also was very keen to have me in Jamshedpur and I am really thankful to the management of the club for putting their trust in me and signing me ahead of the next season.


Can you tell us the story behind the Australian jersey that you own?

The jersey actually belongs to my dad as he played football as well and I am lucky enough that football runs in my family. But yes, that is my dad’s jersey from when he was playing in the Australian leagues back in the day around 60 years ago. No, I am joking. He would be angry if I said that! It was probably around 20-30 years ago and football runs in my family and someday I hope I get to wear the same.


How big of an inspiration is your father in your footballing career?

Huge! He is my biggest inspiration and it is a different story of me going with football as my career. Obviously, having a father who has played football professionally provided me with some of his wisdom on how to play football and my dedication, belief and hard work came along with it. So he is a huge part of my footballing success.


What can the fans of Jamshedpur expect to see from you in the upcoming season?

I like to think that I am a hard working player but also, I want to give my 100% to the team. No matter if I am on the bench or on the field and training as well, I want to give my 110% and scoring goals is my job as a striker. I think that is going to be a big part of my focus this season personally, but putting the team first along with giving my 110% whenever I step on the pitch is there on priority too.


Who are you looking forward to linking up the most with from the team?

There are really good players on the team and obviously the more I train with them, the more I’ll get to know them and also learn from watching them on the matchday. But when you are training with other players everyday, we get to know what kind of a player they are and hope to link up with them. Obviously it’s a very tough squad at Jamshedpur FC and that is exactly what you need as a player for someone to push you through every condition we face. I feel Valskis for me is a big player that I am looking really forward to linking up with and he is a centre-forward as well, so having that partnership is a key element especially when you are looking to score more goals. So linking up with him and learning from him is key. Peter Hartley as well, whom I have played against in the last season, is a really nice guy and a great footballer. I am very much looking forward to having a connection with him as well and even Ishan Pandita whom the club has recently signed. So there are some players that I am very keen to link up with. Apart from that, I am also keen to get along with my teammates very well as we laugh and joke around because that is what it is really about, to be a tight group of players and being friends even off the pitch is a really big key for me. 


What are your personal and team objectives for the upcoming season?

My goal with the team is to make it to the finals and that is the main goal. We have a good strong team to do that as well and anything less than the finals will be almost like a failure to me. With everything I do, I really like to win. I believe that the position the club is at right now is striving towards success and I want to be a part of that success after giving my everything. My personal goal would be to be the top goalscorer in the league and it is simple as that. I want to score as many goals as I can and help the team get to success and obviously learn a lot. Having Owen Coyle as the Coach and Sandy as the assistant coach along with all the Indian players as well, I am very keen to learn a lot from them and hopefully they can learn a lot from me while we have a very tight group together where success comes, and I am very sure that success will come.

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