From rivals to teammates, the bond has only grown deeper between Peter and Jordan


One of the interesting developments that the fans learned during the Let’s Football Live session on Twitter Spaces, is the friendship and brotherhood between former rivals and now teammates, Peter Hartley and Jordan Murray.

The Australian forward, Jordan Murray, before signing for the Men of Steel, was a part of the Kerala Blasters attacking line-up and was successful in slipping two goals past the Jamshedpur defence, which was led by none other than our skipper, Peter Hartley.

After going head-to-head against each other not once but twice, the two international players now have the chance to step up to the pitch being on the same side this season. When asked about their experience in playing against each other previously and now together, here’s what the two had to say -

“When I was playing in Kerala Blasters FC, going against Jamshedpur FC was always going to be a difficult fixture as they were in good form at the moment and were covering the pitch from end-to-end, with Nerijus Valskis scoring 2 goals as well. So, that fixture was always going to be a tough one to play, and getting used to Peter’s style of play was a tough battle. Luckily, in the big games things worked out for me and I am crossing my fingers that it does for everyone else in the club in this season as well,” said the Aussie striker.

Further, Jordan talked about how Peter’s strong build is one of the crucial points in the squad. “It was quite difficult as Peter’s strong physique makes it difficult to go past him. He is quite smart on the pitch as he makes movements that make you want to make a move on which he could capitalize on, but I take it as a learning curve and to get the experience of playing against a tough defender that I could learn from. Luckily, I was able to score 2 goals in that game, but I am sure it will be difficult to get past our defensive line-up in the upcoming season.”

The club’s skipper had only positive things to say ahead of the season, “The beauty of Jamshedpur FC now is that we have two of the best strikers of the league in our squad, so as a defender if you are training with the best players every day, then one is only going to get better and better.

With Jordan and Peter now playing on one side of the pitch, the opposition teams of the league are going to have a tough competition for the top spots.

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