Get to know Jamshedpur FC's quarantine routine





The pandemic put a damper on all activities as it took a grip over the world in March, suspending everything immediately including all sporting activities.

The players have been doing everything in their power, since the safety protocols and quarantine rules got established, to keep up with their fitness and stay in shape within the four walls of their homes.

Now with most activities resuming and the Indian Super League all set to kick-start yet another season with new and more secure conditions for the players, one wonders how are the players coping with the new normal in the world of football.

To answer this question, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Adrian Dias, spoke in length about how players are balancing between quarantine, diet and fitness activities.

"After an uncertain start to year 2020 along with a complete pause on sporting events, players, like many, have been confined to their homes, unable to head outdoors and do what they love. Now, after seven months of inactivity, it obviously presents a challenge to all the preparations we have in mind for what would be yet another memorable season in the Indian Super League."

"With the ISL just over a month away from commencing behind closed doors, players have started reporting for pre-season, going straight into mandatory quarantine to ensure the safety of the individual as well as the teams."

"This presents the technical and sport staff with unique but exciting obstacles as the job is to work towards ensuring that the players kickstart the tournament well-prepared for the rigors that they will undoubtedly be facing during the league."

"We at Jamshedpur FC, began our preparations even whilst players were tucked away in the safety and comfort of their homes. This was done by ensuring that the players follow a simple yet effective training program aimed at laying a foundation upon which we would build, once the team began congregating in Goa."

"Upon arrival and being confined to their respective rooms during the quarantine period, the physical training has been continuous. Now, we are increasing the intensity of it as we are inching closer towards the season."



"By ensuring such activities even during the most severe phases of lockdown and movement restrictions, we have been able to address one of the aspects that go into the high performance training."

"Another aspect is that nutrition plays a critical role in not only achieving high performance but ensuring that the body is healthy to combat any potential illness, let alone the dreaded Novel Coronavirus. Since the inception of the club, the emphasis has always been on ensuring that the NUTRITION and the NUTRITIVE VALUE of the food consumed by the players, is of the highest quality."

"Having the luxury of a chef at the team hotel who understands the importance of the adage “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” has ensured that the players consume the best to play their best."

"The way the food is prepared is of utmost importance in any sport which requires players to be powerful yet nimble for 90 minutes."

"From grilled meats, fish and vegetables prepared in a healthy manner to consumption of whole fruits and lentils, the diet of the players of Jamshedpur FC may appear boring to the outside world. However, we have to keep their performance in mind and make decisions around diet that will have a strong impact on their performance."


"Furthermore, it's importance is addressed by the sports science and sports medicine personnel."

"From consuming food in a whole or juiced form that facilitate recovery or confer a potential physiological advantage, to experimenting with ingredients to avoid potential boredom, the ultimate aim of sports science and medicine personnel is to help the players recover, heal and perform at a level that is superior to their competitors."

"Although there are a plethora of factors that determine high performance and success, we at Jamshedpur FC address and exploit each tangible factor to help the players perform at their maximum potential thereby increasing the probability of success in favor of Jamshedpur FC."

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