Jamshedpur FC Unveils Squad for AIFF Sub-Junior League: Fostering Homegrown Talent

Jamshedpur FC has officially announced its squad for the upcoming AIFF Sub-Junior League, set to kick off in Jamshedpur on the 27th of April. This announcement not only marks the anticipation of thrilling matches but also underscores Jamshedpur FC's commitment to nurturing local talent from the grassroots level up to the professional ranks.

Led by Head Coach M. Rahul Raj, an esteemed Ex-TFA Cadet hailing from Jamshedpur, the entire squad comprises players exclusively from Jharkhand. This reflects Jamshedpur FC's strategic vision of grooming and harnessing the potential of young footballers within the state, aligning with their broader mission of contributing to the development of Indian football by creating a pipeline of skilled players from the region.

The AIFF Sub-Junior League holds immense significance in the realm of Indian football development. It serves as a pivotal platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and gain crucial competitive exposure at an early stage of their careers. For these budding talents, participation in such tournaments is not merely about winning matches but about laying the groundwork for their future endeavors in the sport.

A distinctive feature of the AIFF Sub-Junior League is its format, characterized by fast-paced 7-a-side matches, with each game comprising two halves of 25 minutes each. This condensed format ensures action-packed encounters, allowing players to showcase their agility, creativity, and tactical acumen within a dynamic playing environment.

Here is the squad that will proudly represent Jamshedpur FC in the upcoming league:

1. Tanmoy Dhara
2. Susin Soren

1. Charan Soren
2. Manki Pareya
3. Rohan Pareya

1. Aditya Singh
2. Rahul Singh
3. Babu Lohar
4. Sagun Baskey
5. Aayush Patro

1. Kishan Singh
2. Songra Purty
3. Purna Chandra Tubid
4. Suraj Bari
5. Aiyan Khan

This diverse ensemble of talented individuals embodies the spirit of Jamshedpur FC's grassroots initiative, representing a blend of skill, passion, and potential. As they prepare to embark on their journey in the AIFF Sub-Junior League, these young athletes carry with them the hopes and aspirations of their community, eager to make their mark on the football landscape and contribute to the rich tapestry of Indian football.

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