Jamshedpur Golden Baby League completes 100 matches at JRD Tata Sports Complex in Week 11 of grassroots tourn

The Jamshedpur Golden Baby League reached a key milestone today as it saw its 100th match being played at the Archery Ground at JRD Tata Sports Complex in Week 11 of the grassroots tournament.

The 100th match was played between Carmel Fighters and JPS Juniors in the U9 age category, with Carmel Fighters picking up a 4-2 win.

The second edition of the Jamshedpur Golden Baby League 2023, hosted by Jamshedpur FC in conjunction with Jharkhand Football Association (JFA) and Jharkhand Sporting Association (JSA) has been divided into U5, U7, U9, U11 and U13 categories for the benefit of kids across the city.

The 10-month long tournament will be held every Sunday morning at the Archery ground at JRD Tata Sports Complex to nurture development and add to the existing grassroots schools program run by the club during the week after school hours.

In 11 weeks of the tournament, students from various schools across Jamshedpur have grown and developed in their skills and abilities on the footballing pitch, but have also been taught the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship along the way.

With 100 matches now played, the sky's the limit for students involved in the Baby League, with more matches and teams expected to be added in the coming weeks and months.

A total of 124 students participated in Week 11 of the Baby League, with the U9 category seeing the highest number of kids with 33.

U5s saw 26 students participating, 30 students participated in the U7s, 16 in the U11s and 19 students in the U13 category.

A total of four matches were played in the U5s, three matches in the U7s, the U9s played two matches while the U11s and U13s played one match each.

The following are the results from Week 11 of the Jamshedpur Golden Baby League:

U5 category: HTS Stars 5-0 Jamshedpur Colts
U5 category: Mardi Angels 0-7 Sagar Star
U5 category: Little Rockers HTS 1-4 Veer Star
U5 category: Blue Ranger 5-5 Loyola Tik-Tok
U7 category: Girls Soccer 0-9 Hill Top School Little Challengers
U7 category: Queen FC 3-3 Fighting Duck
U7 category: Fearless Girls 0-5 Black Dragon
U9 category: Carmel Fighters 4-2 JPS Juniors
U9 category: Carmel Warriors 0-3 Carmel Eagles
U11 category: Loyola Platoons 6-0 Hill Top School Greenwood Jamshedpur
U13 category: Loyola Soccer School 0-6 Golden Pheasant Hill Top School Jamshedpur

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