Jamshedpur welcomes Jordan Murray with grandiose


The first week of September turned out to be a truly memorable week for all the fans and the club itself, with the announcements of three of their biggest signings in the club’s history. The eager fans of Jamshedpur FC were positively shaken when the club officially announced the signing of the Australian forward and former Kerala Blasters FC star player, Jordan Murray; it was also the most anticipated signing in this pre-season transfer period.

The build-up to this announcement began when the club posted a teaser for the player announcement which depicted a snake symbol which is also popularly identified as Jordan Murray’s goal celebration. Along with the club’s teaser, a few other official members of Jamshedpur FC (Mr. Mukul Choudhari, Mobashir Rahman, Jitendra Singh) also tweeted a teasing tweet on their profiles.


Later that day, Jamshedpur FC hosted a live Instagram session with the Indian National and also the club’s previous signing, Ishan Pandita, along with the winners of the contests. Towards the end of the session, Ishan Pandita invited the new signing, Jordan Murray onto the live session as a surprise for the fans thus officially confirming the signing of Jordan. Moments later, the club made an official announcement on all the club’s social media platforms.

As soon as the fans received the official news, all three platforms exploded with joy, expressing their happiness and excitement with their joyful comments, wishes, retweets, and reshares. It also consisted of tons of fans from Jordan's previous club, Kerala Blasters as they bid farewell and wished the forward the best for his upcoming season.



With the amount of love and welcome Jordan received, he surprised the fans with a gesture of his own.

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