Jordan Murray muses about his father being his biggest inspiration


Jordan Murray is now a Man of Steel officially as the club successfully signed him till 2022. While the Aussie firepower has made quite the mark since he joined the Indian Super League, what inspired him to carve his path down this road? Let’s get some answers!

Right after Jordan Murray shared about the significance of the Australian Jersey, the forward talked about how his father influenced and shaped his career as a footballer and how big of an inspiration he has been for him.

“He is my biggest inspiration and it is a different story of me going with football as my career. Obviously, having a father who has played football professionally provided me with some of his wisdom on how to play football and my dedication, belief and hard work came along with it. So he is a huge part of my footballing success,” mused Jordan with a warm smile.

With his father’s positive influence and the desire to be as great as his dad, Jordan will be joining the Men of Steel with the aim of being the best version of himself and give his all for Jamshedpur FC and its success.


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