Jordan Murray on an Australian jersey from the past


Jordan revealed a few behind the scenes information about his dad’s footballing career in the Australian leagues post completing his signing with Jamshedpur FC.

After being asked about a mysterious framed yellow Australian football jersey which was seen hanging in the background of his room, Jordan was more than pleased to share the story

“That jersey actually belongs to my dad as he played football as well and I am lucky enough that football runs in my family. But yes, that is my dad’s jersey from when he was playing in the Australian leagues back in the day around 60 years ago. No, I am joking. He would be angry if I said that! It was probably around 20-30 years ago and football runs in my family and someday I hope I get to wear the same.”

Furthermore, Jordan Murray went on to share that his father is his biggest inspiration and influence in his footballing career. 

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