Karan Amin and Joyner Lourenco on ISL preparations under new normal and more


In a recent media interview, defenders, Karan Amin and Joyner Lourenco, talk about their season preparations.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:


On how the team is coping and adjusting to the new circumstances

Karan: It’s been a tough time for everyone. From every team member to a common man, it’s been a struggling phase. We are lucky to be able to pursue what we love despite the situation. Obviously, we are taking every possible precaution, uphold every safety protocol put in place because you cannot have even a tiny room for error. Everyone's safety is dependent on this. So, we are trying our very best to stay safe and keep preparing.


On how different the overall aura in the club has been since the signing of new coach and new players

Joyner: I think we are gelling pretty well with the new members in the squad. With every training session, the team chemistry is getting better and better.


On how different the style of play is this time compared to last season

Karan: I think the way Owen Coyle handled Chennaiyin FC last season was simply amazing. Having said that, we know the kind of style and output he expects from us. Plus, we have a great combination of players from young to experienced - Valskis, Jacki, Peter, Aitor, Bhupi, Narender, Stephen are some solid additions.The coach wants us to win. We want to win. We want to take it one game at a time so, at the end of the day, that is the style of play and output we are preparing ourselves for and want to give our 100% to.


On Indian players who have caught their eye

Karan: Youngsters like Amarjit, Mobashir, Aniket, Narender have so much confidence in them. It’s so good to see them thrive the way they do. I see Joyner too doing really well. He is growing as a player. I am seeing this during the practice sessions so yes, we have a lot of strong, young Indian players amongst us.


On how different the captaincy is compared to last season’s

Joyner: I don’t think there is any comparison between the two (Tiri and Peter). Both are hard-working, highly motivating and both have helped me learn and grow as a player.


On their thoughts on the new foreign signings

Joyner: Like Karan said, we have a good mixture of young and experienced players. Guys like Stephen, Peter, Valskis, Nick bring so many variations of football to the table; their style and experience is helping us learn and grow as players so, I think it’s a great thing. I am happy with the kind foreign signings we made for this season and we will give our very best to score and win as much as possible this season.

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