“The team has started adapting quickly” – Antonio Iriondo

The Jamshedpur FC Head Coach laid down his thoughts after the squad's first ten days in pre-season training and the match vs Real Kashmir.

Jamshedpur FC Head Coach Antonio Iriondo was content to see his squad adapting to his football philosophy in just a few days. The Mister laid down his thoughts in a post-match interview after a thrilling 3-3 draw with Real Kashmir FC. Excerpts from the Interview:

On the team’s performance…

I am very happy! We have been working only a few days, and to see us play so well against a side that has been playing regularly for almost two months now is of great value to me.  Obviously, there were some mistakes in defence in our first practice match which we have time to address since we are still a month away from the beginning of the league. But overall, I felt we took control of the game.

We are a team that is starting new, and I am content with the team's work till now. I am very happy with what I have seen in the short time we have been together.

On the team's progress since the first day of pre-season…

When a team starts training, there is suddenly a flood of information. This is so that the player continuously thinks what we have worked for and what the coach wants.  So with the intention that the players have shown in the past ten days, it is enough for me.

It seems normal to me that a team that has been together for a short time because they already try to do what we want to do. We are looking to play with a pace that can damage our opponents. We are not there yet, but hopefully by the time we reach the first game of the season, we will be there.

On who he thought was the stand-out player from the match vs Real Kashmir…

I think that the way we play, I keep the team's action together.  There are many players who have done well.  We cannot highlight one with respect to another.  The truth is that I am happy in general with the whole team.

On using Yoga as a medium for training for the players…

Yoga is about 5,000 years old. Yoga means unity. I hope to provoke unity at all times. Causing the balance between body, mind and spirit. We do it because we want to improve the performance of the players at all levels. The mind be calm, the spirit be complacent and at peace with itself. The body is strengthened. When you do yoga you are trying to take the individual to that unit. When they line up with the rest and with that added energy, everything multiplies The energies must look to the same place and follow the same direction. That's the reason we are using Yoga in training. 

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