The Trio of Pablo, Farukh and Augustin visit Jamshedpur Football School at the RVS Academy.

Ever since the Grassroots and Football School initiatives that Jamshedpur FC brought on to nurture the kids of Jamshedpur, it has been influencing multitudes of kids and feeding their hunger for the knowledge of football. As an additional implementation, the players from Jamshedpur FC often visit our Football Schools and share their experience and guide the kids through their professional expertise.

Today, Pablo Morgado, Farukh Choudhary and Augustin Fernandes, took a time off their busy schedule and paid a short visit to RVS Academy Football School and collaborated with the kids yearning for more knowledge. This always help the kids in many ways, but most importantly it gives them an exposure to the tactics of professional football, which won’t be readily available all the time.

Farukh Choudhary was immensely happy by seeing the interest every kid has the for the game, he also states, “It was wonderful interacting with the kids and the parents. Visiting the Jamshedpur football school reminded me of my early days in football. It's a great initiative by the club.”

Pablo Morgado was amazed to see the kids’ fascination over the game of football, he says, “I had great time here at the RVS Academy. I absolutely love kids! Indian football is growing and it's great to see Jamshedpur FC leading the revolution here in Jharkhand.”

Augustin Fernandes was equally delighted as Pablo and Farukh, by looking at the kids showing tremendous interest over football. He shares his thought, “It's very important to start early and Jamshedpur FC are just doing that. I'm amazed to see these kids play so well at a very young age and I'm sure if they keep practicing, they will only keep getting better.”

Kundan Chandra, Head of Grassroots & Youth Development, also added, “It was a great pleasure to have first team players, Pablo, Farukh and Augustin today at the RVS Academy. The kids were really happy to meet their heroes and such interactions will only help to motivate them and their parents. We at Jamshedpur FC strive to give the best to the kids and bringing footballers to our schools is one of them!”

The trio then had a short chatting and photo session with the kids before leaving the RVS Academy premises.

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