Vishal Yadav talks about his journey.

Talk a little about yourself

I am Vishal Yadav and I am from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. I am a goalkeeper for Jamshedpur FC.

At what age did you start playing football?
I started playing football at the age of 12 years and I was another young kid who aspired to be a professional footballer which is how my football journey started.

On what it felt like to be in the squad of the current ‘Champions of India’?
It was a very great feeling to be a part of the senior team of Jamshedpur FC and finish on the top of the table of the Hero ISL. It was an amazing feeling to get my hands on the League shield and lift it with the team.

On the level of excitement to be playing in the Reliance Foundation Development League?

It is a good platform for us to showcase our talent, both individually and collectively. So, we are very excited to begin this journey together.

On being a senior team player acting as a motivating factor for the rest of the squad

It is one of the responsibilities of the senior players to motivate the other youth players and help them reach their full potential and this should come from every player in the squad. So, we (senior players) will do our best to motivate the other players and play our role in the squad responsibly.

On the squad’s strategy for the upcoming youth league fixtures

We have a pretty straight forward approach for this campaign and that is to implement all the training that we've been doing for this league. So, we will aim to bring all of it to fruition and win as many games as possible.

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